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The child and the family's well-being

Central to our philosophy is the well-being of both the child and their family. We believe that this is a strand of strength that embodies everything we do.

Commitment to NZ's dual heritage

We embrace and promote New Zealand’s dual heritage through all aspects of our centre. Whether it be singing the National Anthem, talking to the children in Te Reo or fostering relationships through our Whanau programme, we believe it is critical for all children to respect and understand our Dual Heritage.

High expectations

We set the bar high. We expect a lot from our teachers and their development programmes. We also have high expectations when it comes to your child’s progress. These expectations aren’t just about “formal learning”, but informal learning – social skills, self awareness and their ability to adjust to any situation that confronts them.

Developing life long learners

It all comes down to this. Our success is how well we prepare your child for the world that awaits them. Their ability to adjust and adapt, to have a strong moral compass and their understanding of what makes New Zealand tick. These are some of the outcomes that a life-long learner would enjoy.

Stimulating environment

Our philosophy is based on child-led learning. We support this learning through a detailed planning process that provides an environment for your child to flourish.

Celebrating the efforts of the child

Children develop at a frightening pace. They establish their own learning agenda’s and through encouragement and development, achieve their goals. We believe these efforts should be celebrated.

Valuing relationships

We place a high value on all forms of relationships – teacher to parent, teacher to child, child to child. We also value inter-relationships within our centre’s – families to families and their wider whanau.

Amazing teachers!

We love our teachers …. and so do our families. Most of our staff have been with Bright Beginnings for a long time. They are well-known, respected and adored by the children that walk through our doors. When we recruit someone new, we embark on a thorough and exhaustive process to make sure they are not only capable of caring for your child, but that they also fit the culture and understand the expectations of a staff member of Bright Beginnings.

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a learning journey

Learning takes on many different forms. What is important though, is educators understand what makes your child click. How do they learn? What enthuses them? What are their passions? and on the other side of the scale, what is it that they find difficult. Learning is also about social competence. Does your child have the skills to navigate the world in front of them?

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your child's future

When our children are born, we are filled with immense love and hope for their future. As they get older, we start to worry more – how are they going to cope? what about bullying and social media? what skills do we need to give them in order for them to not only survive, but to flourish way into the future

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